Software prototyping

Before add breaking changes into live system, it's better to prototype them, to reduce amount of possible issues.


The problem

New role model, authentication schema, rendering engine or replacement of core libraries — all these can easily break working system.

So these changes need to be prototyped before deployment to live product.

The prototype

  • Standalone application

    that implements key logic, with required level of details
  • Demo

    prototype is the working demo for your developers, that should be used as tutorial, when they start to add prototyped changes into main product.
  • Clean implementation

    The prototype needs to be clean, with readable code and without technical tricks or hacks.

Sample prototype

Sample of such prototype is the Engineering Calc, we created as technical demo, before real application would be developed.


To create good prototype, it's required to have strong experience and skills. And we have them.

Drop us a note and we help with any prototyping.

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