Plugins and extensions

Having so many shiny programs on market, somehow there is always an important feature, missing in existing software.

The feature that we can add.


How to extend software

In most cases it would be easy, because there are lot of common ways to do that: APIs, SDKs, official samples and so on.

Sometimes it could be hard, where required to deal with custom in-house software, without sources and docs.

Good sample of such project is the extension to Unity, we created for our customer.


  • SDK and API

    For most popular software there are existing and well described ways to customize.
  • Opensource

    There is always a way to customize opensource software. Always.
  • Uncommon cases

    In most cases, still possible to customize modern software without sources, documentation or API. Even if you lost all of them — we still could help.


We love to write software for marketplaces.

We help to pass all marketplace requirements and avoid limits and guide you up to successful launch.


We can help to customize any type of enterprise software, even extremely outdated.

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